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There is a new policy regarding Baptisms in our Parish. To have the sacrament of Baptism baptismalfont480
celebrated in the parish, you will need to call the Parish Office and complete the required form
and then schedule a preparation appointment with Fr. Jan Szylar.

The following information must be provided before date of the Baptism:
– A copy of the child’s birth certificate to verify the date of birth and correct name

– Sponsor certificates for the child’s godparents if they are not registered members of the parish.
They must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their own parish stating that they are members in
good standing and are eligible to act as a Catholic Sponsor for Baptism.  

Just a gentle reminder that only registered parishioners may receive sponsor certificates for
Baptism/Confirmation.  To verify that you are a practicing Catholic you must attend weekly Mass,
use envelopes, and have a registration card on file. If you do not receive mailings from the parish
then we do not have a registration card for you and your family. Please contact the parish office
if you are unsure if you are registered or not. Thank you.

Requirements for godparents:
– Must be at least 16 years of age
– Be a baptized Catholic who has received First Communion and the sacrament of Confirmation
– Attends Mass on a regular basis
– If married, be in a valid Catholic marriage

Please call the Parish Office at: 203-734-0005

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