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Rob R
(777) 777-7777
For Rebecca Eagen, In the name of Jesus, be protected by the Lord's hands, and always to find peace in her job, life and heart. For the presence of the holy spirit in her life, may she have spiritual insight and wisdom. For the Bless and Grace in my Life, Health, and Job and Home, and in Rebecca Eagen life, in the eternity in Jesus Christ, amen. Thank you.
My son Joel Christy francis (aged 21) is addicted to mobile phone and mobile phone games. Not showing interest in studies or other matters. Kindly pray that he is freed from it soon. I am also praying for you. He is not attending Masses or Prayes in the church. To a large extend, he does not bother spirituality. Prey that he returns to sacremental life. Yours in Christ Francis xavier
Please pray for myself my husband both our kids our families please lord protect us from the bullies that we will meet today and tomorrow please lord I ask for special protection stop them bullying us especially my husband and my father that these events will go peacefully and comfortably for us stop them humiliating, tormenting or physically bullying us Amen
Robert Carter
(203) 308-0311
Saint Michael the Archangel, Pray for Us and Father Stan. May he rest in eternal glory.
cullen creel
(916) 598-9271
keep him from the police station!
Jose Joseph
Please pray for the complete healing of my oral cancer.
(727) 919-1099
For mental, spiritual and physical healing for my son, Andrew. For spiritual healing for my son, Greg
David Ugwu
Your prayer is good ,my goodness .Thanking you for praying for me and expecting more answers
Karina S.
Please pray for healing from depression and to experience God's love.
Rob R
(777) 777-7777
By the blood of Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirit, please pray for the actions and live of Artur Zancanaro be tied to the feet of the Cross of Our Lord. I ask in the name of Jesus for the intercession of the Lord against these actions, and with the strength of the Holy Spirit, I ask for the Grace and Protection of the Lord against these actions in my Life, Health, Work and in my Home, and in the lives of my Daughters and of my Son, and in the lives of other people in any situation. Through the intercession of Our Lady, please pray that all the actions of Artur Zancanaro be delivered into the hands of the Lord, amen. Thank you!
Evansalin Lancy
(077) 847-5965
Father please pray for our family peace and happiness. Today our first wedding anniversary day but my husband Evansalin did not talk with me for Six months please pray for him to change his mind and heart. This is my personal and kindly request please pray for us