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and TURN OFF CELL PHONES during Mass. Thank you!

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Thank you for your continued support in our weekly collections; including our utilities collections – heating – and air conditioning.

Everything affects our energy costs – the temperature, usage, fluctuating rates, and even weather conditions. Whatever you give is very helpful in meeting these expenses and we are indeed fortunate to have such caring parishioners and friends. God Bless.

Fr. Marek


Just a gentle reminder to please continue to make pledge payments to this campaign which places great emphasis on securing the resources to ensure that our parishes in the Archdiocese will be prepared to nurture the next generation of Catholics. Donations may still be made at any time through the parish office as we have postage free envelopes to mail them to the Archdiocese (pledge payments can also be mailed through the parish office). Please be sure to mention you are a member of St. Michael Parish, Derby as 50% of donations collected at the Parish level will be returned to our parish to address our own local needs.

1. $5 per week = $260 per year x 5 years for a total donation of $1,300. 300 donors x $1300 = $390,000 would be raised.

2. $4 per week = $208 per year x 5 years for a total donation of $1040. 300 donors x $1040 = $312,000 would be raised.

3. $3 per week = $156 per year x 5 years for a total donation of $780. 300 donors x $780 = $234,000 would be raised.

Half of all donations will come back to the parish. 80% of any amount over goal will be returned to our parish. To date the amount collected is $185,378. Grateful thanks to all who have donated/pledged.

The Program continues and you are thanked for your support as we strive to reach our goal of $270,000. An updated donation figure will be forthcoming. You may donate by mailing to Forward With Faith, P.O. Box 420, Hartford, CT 06141-0420. Be sure to mention St. Michael Church Derby so our parish gets the credit for the donation.

Thank you to all who are supporting this important campaign. It is not too late to make a donation to help us reach our goal of $270,000.

CELEBRATION OF THE MASS – Live Stream Schedule


Please join us, virtually, as we Celebrate Mass:
Saturday, 03December2022 at 4:30PM – Live Streamed

Note that all Live Streamed Masses are available afterwards so you can view them at your convenience)

The Masses will be live streamed on Facebook. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

God bless you all! We continue to pray for all of you.
Deacon Bob

St. Michael’s Church Facebook Page

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Go to the Facebook page now using the link above and “Like” the page to receive notices of these events.

In memory of Frank & Ann Balusek from daughter.

In loving memory of Frannie Tracz on 3rd anniversary (12/10) from Sande & family.

In loving memory of Fran Tracz on anniversary (12/10) from John, Wendi, Tori & Billy Kowarik.

1. In loving memory of John J. Madura (12/10) with love from Neil, Barbara & family.

2. In loving memory of Frania Tracz (12/10) from Neil, Barbara & family.

3. In loving memory of Helen Madura (12/10) from Neil, Barbara & family.

The Rosary is prayed at 6:45 pm every Monday before the Miraculous Medal Novena and Mass and also on Wednesday in Polish at the 7:00 pm Novena and Mass.

Office Hours: Mondays: 9:30an-2:30pm, Tuesdays CLOSED. Wednesdays: 9:30 to noon. Thursdays CLOSED. Fridays: 11:00am to 2:00pm. Call ahead to be sure staff is in. With the approach of winter, inclement weather will close the office.

December Holiday Hours: The Office will be closed from Monday, December 26 through Friday December 30. It will reopen on Monday, Jan. 2.

Phone messages may be left at any time.

THIS WEEK’S SECOND COLLECTION is for Christmas Flowers for our Church. Intentions will be printed in the Bulletin if they are legible. Please print your intentions neatly. Thank you.

(Christmas Wafers) are available in the Church Sacristy and in the Parish Office. A donation is kindly requested. Please don’t wait until the last minute to get your oplatki. The packages have 3 sheets in them. We have Polish & English packages

…Phone messages may be left on the answering machine – and calls will be returned as soon as possible.

…Update of telephone numbers. Occasionally the office needs to contact a parishioner for various reasons and many times now the phone number we have on file is no longer in service. We will never share your number with anyone, but we would appreciate being updated.

Parish Dues for the year 2022 may be put into any collection basket. Family dues are $30, individual dues $15.

The office has prepared the boxes of 2023 offertory envelopes. If you did not use envelopes this year and would like a box for next year, please call the parish office as soon as possible. The boxes are at the back of the church during the month of November for pick-up.

If you wish to be considered a parishioner of St. Michael’s, you must have a registration card on file. If you do not receive the Christmas and Easter mailings from the parish then there is no registration card on file. Please note that we cannot issue a sponsor certificate for Baptism or Confirmation if you are not registered. Please call the office and a form can be mailed to you. Parish membership dues are $15 per year for an individual and $30 per year for a family.

Parish Registration is important – REGISTERING IN THE PARISH
A gentle reminder: If you do not receive the Easter and Christmas mailings then it means you are not registered in the parish (there is no registration card on file which generates the mailing list). If you are registered it means you are eligible to obtain sponsor certificates to be a godparent or sponsor for Confirmation. Without being registered, we cannot verify your membership in the parish and issue you the proper sponsor certificate. We often get requests from people who say they are members, but in reality, we have no record of their membership. You are not considered a member just because your grandparents went to school here or belonged here. Please call for a form.

Payment by check: Just a reminder: when you make a payment for Masses, please make the check out only for the Mass(es) because these checks are deposited to a Mass Account. Payment for anything else should be in a separate check.

Bulletin notices, pro-life rose requests, etc. can be emailed to stmichaelsderby@sbcglobal.net, mailed in, placed in any collection basket or dropped off in the basket of the front door of the rectory. Because our parish bulletin is once again being published by our bulletin company, all notices, requests should be into the office two weeks before the Sunday you wish them to appear in the bulletin. Thank you.

…Parish Offertory Envelopes, not picked up, are in the Parish Office and we will be contacting parishioners to make arrangements to get the boxes of envelopes to them
…The Mass Book for 2023 is available for your Mass Intentions. ($20 for Vigil and Sunday Masses, $15 for weekday Masses). If you plan to do an in-person visit, please call ahead so that only one person will be accommodated and in the office at a time.

…The Parish Office receives many requests for sponsor certificates for Baptism (Godparents) and Confirmation (sponsors). This paper states that you are a parishioner of St. Michael’s in good standing and a practicing Catholic. To verify that you qualify to be a sponsor you must attend Sunday Mass, pay parish dues annually, contribute to the support of our Church and have a registration card on file. Children not pursuing additional education who are twenty-one years old and gainfully employed should be registered individually and not on their parent’s registration card. If you do not receive mailings from our parish then we do not have a registration card on file. If you are unsure if you are registered or not, please contact the Parish Office (203-734-0005).

If any shut-ins would like a bulletin mailed to them each week, please call the office and we will add your name to the list. Bulletins may be found on-line at:

Please show your support for our bulletin advertisers whenever you can. Their advertising pays for the printing of our bulletins (no cost to the parish) and using their services is a great way to say thank you especially during the pandemic. We are so grateful for their support!!

Grateful thanks to all who have contributed food for the needy which is distributed from St. Vincent’s Food Bank. We are a parish family of generous hearts! All this benefits Valley families.

To Adzima and Riverside Funeral Homes for the donation of 2023 religious calendars. They have provided our parishioners with calendars for many years and we are indeed grateful!

For questions regading grave purchases, etc. Please call the Parish Office and leave a message and your call will be returned by Cemetery personnel.
Christmas decorations are permitted at the Cemetery with the exception of grave blankets. Also please observe the “10-inch” rule for placement of your decorations. Thank you!

A change has been made regarding intentions for the Communion Hosts and the Sacramental Wine. You may now give for birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. (Previously, intentions were only accepted in memory of the deceased.) The offering for the week remains at $15. If you have any questions regarding this change, please call the parish office.

If you have a family member who is in the hospital and he/she would like or needs a visit from our Priest, a family member must call the Parish Office. Years ago, personnel from the hospital would call the Rectory with the information of a hospital stay by one of our parishioners. Now this information is protected by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). This ensures the privacy of patients by ensuring certain types of information are safeguarded and not disclosed to unauthorized individuals.

We kindly ask that you please not throw cigarette butts in our parking lots. We are constantly picking them and would appreciate it if you would use your car ashtrays for them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lectors are needed for the Sunday morning and evening Masses. This is a wonderful way to serve and help out the parish. The schedule is made according to your convenience. Please call the parish office to volunteer. Call the Parish Office to volunteer. A background check will also be conducted and attendance at a Safe Environment Program is required (several offered throughout the state – evenings – about 2 hours).

Shut-ins of the parish who are not able to get to Church can receive a visit from our Priest. Those who are on the First Friday visitation list are already included. Please call the Parish Office as soon as possible to request a visit.

Our parish bulletin can be found on-line at: www.saintmichaelsderby.org. If someone does not have access to the internet and is homebound, please call the parish office and a bulletin can be mailed to that person each week. Click quick select and choose the date you wish to see.

The parish often receives requests for a signed statement with the parish seal to verify that a certain individual is a member of the parish and a practicing Catholic eligible to serve as a godparent or Confirmation sponsor. What is sometimes evident about the person requesting this verification is that he/she is not registered in the parish, has not paid parish dues, does not use parish envelopes (has no record of attending Mass), or is not known to the Priest or the parish staff. This makes it very difficult to provide this certificate for something that may not be true.

If you want to be considered a parishioner in our parish and would like validation of this from the parish office, you need to please do the following:

*Register as a parishioner by filling out a registration card and pay the annual dues…

$15 for an individual; $30 for a family.

*Fulfill your obligation to participate at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation and use your envelopes that allow us to track your attendance (this is not to see how much you give (which is kept confidential) but to see that you attend Mass.

*If you are an adult child of parents in the parish, register yourself here if you consider yourself a parishioner.

*If you move to a new location or change your phone number, please notify the office so that we can update our records.

The purpose of the Certificate of Eligibility is to show that we value the example and commitment of godparents and sponsors, and it is hypocritical to stand up for someone when you either do not believe or practice what you profess. The certificate assures the parish seeking it that the person providing it is serious about his/her Catholic Faith.

Our previous calendar drawings were very successful the past two years and thanks to all of you who participated, and also generously donated gift card prizes we added $6,250 to our heating/maintenance fund. We will have another drawing daily during the month of January 2023 and are asking once again for donations of $25 gift cards to such local places as grocery stores, restaurants, fast food and coffee shops, as well as Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart. Cash donations will be accepted and will be used to purchase gift cards. One “drawing ticket” ($10) will be sent our with our Christmas letter/schedule. There will be 31 drawings including specials on the weekends. Gift cards etc. may be donated at any time until the end of December. Again, proceeds will be used for parish upkeep. Your support is so appreciated, and donors’ names will be published in the bulletin unless requested otherwise.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is sponsoring a variety of in-person and virtual marriage experiences, some on weekends and some on seven weekdays. Couples will explore their relationship with each other, God, and the Church. Regisration is limited and a $100 application fee is required. For more information or to apply, call Frank and Margie Pearson at 860-337-2447 or visit them at: https://wwmectw.org.

Regarding our Church roof. Over the years the church roof has leaked in various places – it is after all an old roof! This has caused damage to the ceiling inside the church, as you no doubt have noticed, despite every effort to deal with these leaks. Each time a leak appeared a company was called to try to determine where the water was coming in and apply a repair. Sometimes it worked for the time-being and other times not quite so well. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the rain is coming in. Thankfully, your donations to our “maintenance fund” has paid for this periodic fixing of parts of the roof. The one real solution is a “new roof”. For quite some time now, various roofing companies have been asked to check our roof and come up with a proposal to replace it. It goes without saying that this will be a costly venture but a very necessary one. There is much to be considered and thoughtfully worked out. We will keep you updated as this plan progresses.



4:30pm +George J. Kelly Jr., George H. Ritz, Jr., Leocadia A. Zomzinsky, Chester J. Zomzinsky, Baby girl Zomzinsky, Margaret A. Pisano, and Dorothy Esposito -Kelly Family

8:00am +Stanley Turski-Barbara Januczkewicz
10:00am +Deceased of the Piscioneri Family -Piscioneri Family
11:30am +Jan Kiwak-wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
5:30pm +Frank & Ann Balusek-daughter

7:00pm +Rose Peck-son Richard

7:00am +Arlene Rogucki-family

7:00pm +Barbara Mlynek -Ryszard & Zofia Przydzial

Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary
7:00am +Irene Starzec (5th anniv) -John & Monica Rak and family
5:30pm +Deacon Louis Canaveri (26th anniv.) -daughters & families
7:00pm +Teresa & Adam Konopka & sons Aleksander, Lucjan Konopka -son Antoni & Krystyna Konopka

7:00am +Smierciak, Kuchinski, Andreadis, Mycek & Brockschlager families -Henry Smierciak

8:00am +Frances Tracz-Wendi & John

4:30pm +John J. Madura-Neil & Barbara

8:00am +Frania Tracz-Art & Annette Hlywa
10:00am +Stanley Turski- Zbyszek & Kasia Zyskowski
11:30am +Edward & Aniela Kloc-Anna Valko
5:30pm +Kazimierz (16th anniv.) & Stanislawa (4th anniv.) Samojlik-children

Rev. Rafal Kopystynski, CM
Via dei Capasso, 30
00164 Rome, Italy

St. Michael Cemetery will host Wreaths Across America on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022 promptly at noon. This program honors and remembers our veterans. You can donate on-line. Google “Wreaths Across America Derby CT” and the Information for sponsoring a wreath at St. Michael’s Cemetery is on that web site. For additional information please call Susan Ranno at the CWV (203-734-9748).

The Knights of Columbus Charities is still accepting donations for the Fund which will help to provide shelter, food, medical supplies, clothing, communication, and religious supplies to these displaced people. 100% of your donation will go directly to to the Ukrainian people. Please note on your donation that it is for the Ukraine Fund. Donations should be mailed to:

Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.
P.O. Box 1966
New Haven, CT 06510


UKRAINE SOLIDARITY FUND…Your gift today will provide temporary shelter, food, medical supplies, clothing, etc. and these items will all be immediately distributed and 100% of your gift will help displaced people. Your gift of any amount will help our brothers and sisters of Ukraine. Checks should be made out to “Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.” and mailed to P.O. Box 1966, New Haven, CT 06410-1966. Please write on the memo line Ukraine Solidarity Fund. Together we can bring Christ’s healing love to a wounded world.


Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference
(The public policy office of the
Catholic Bishops of Connecticut)
The upcoming election on November 8 will decide many issues of importance to Catholics and all people of faith. Take the time to learn the issues, find out where the candidates stand on the issues, reflect on what the Church teaches on the issues, and then be sure to vote. Visit the website at thinkprayvote.org to learn about the Catholic perspective on the issue and the call to practice “Faithful Citizenship”.


To continue to keep our church as sanitized as possible our Mass Greeters spray the pews after every Mass. Greeters are needed for the 4:30 pm and 10:00 am Mass so there can be a rotating schedule (according to your availability). To volunteer please call Wendi Kowarik at 203-215-1380 or leave your name and phone number with the parish office. Thank you so much to the present crew of volunteer greeters. They can use an occasional break as they have given so much time already. Can you help?


Grades 1-8, 2022 Classes 8:30-9:45am
Dec. 4 & 18. Will resume Jan. 15
Grade 9 Confirmation 2022 Classes 6-7pm
(Meet in the Church Hall)
Dec. 1 & 15. Will resume in Jan.
In the event of inclement weather, please refer to the following TV stations regarding cancellations. NBC CT – channel 4,
WTNH News 8, WFSB – channel 3.

Our CCD classes are sponsoring a gift card giving project that benefits St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank for the holidays. Gift cards to local supermarkets helps St. Vincent’s to provide needy families with the ability to purchase food for the holidays. The pandemic caused many more families hardship and we can help them through this giving program. A box will be on the Altar for your donations. Thanks.

A Pregnancy Care Center
137 Grandview Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06708
Thirty years ago, a small but passionate group of individuals gathered and after much research, discussion and prayer established “Carolyn’s Place” which has had a profound impact on thousands of young women, men, babies and the unborn since 1992. Due to the pandemic, Carolyn’s Place was unable to hold their usual fund-raisers and has felt a loss of nearly one-third of its annual operating budget – more than $100,000. They are asking you to prayerfully consider a donation to help offset the income loss of the past two years to ensure that Carolyn’s Place continues to move forward as an advocate for life. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and can be sent to:

Carolyn’s Place, 137 Grandview Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06708. (Fr. Robert Rousseau, founder; John L. Lynch, Executive Director, and Diana O’Rourke, Esq., Chair Board of Directors).


ADWENT jest okresem przygotowania do Uroczystości Narodzenia Pańskiego, przez którą wspominamy pierwsze przyjście Syna Bożego do ludzi. Również jest okresem, który kieruje nas ku oczekiwaniu powtórnego przyjścia Chrystusa na końcu czasów. W tą niedzielę druga składka przeznaczona będzie na kwiaty i wystrój kościoła na Boże Narodzenie.

UROCZYSTOŚĆ NIEPOKALANEGO POCZĘCIA NAJŚW. MARYI PANNY przypada dnia 8 grudnia. Jest to święto obowiązujące. Przypomina nam, że Maryja od chwili poczęcia została zachowana jako nietknięta od wszelkiej zmazy grzechu pierworodnego. Msza św. w j. polskim będzie o godzinie 7 wieczorem. Tego dnia nie ma mszy porannej.

OPŁATKI ŚWIĄTECZNE są do nabycia w zakrystii oraz w Biurze parafialnym. Z składane za nie ofiary serdecznie dziękujemy.

KATECHEZA – CCD – NAUKA RELIGII Zachęcamy Rodziców do troski o katolickie wychowanie dziecka poprzez naukę religii. Kolejne zajęcia dla dzieci klas 1-8 dnia 4 grudnia o godz. 8:30. Natomiast kolejne zajęcia dla grupy młodzieży przygotowującej się do bierzmowania będą 15 grudnia o godz. 18.00.

KOPERTY NA NIEDZIELNĄ SKŁADKĘ 2023 SĄ WYŁOŻONE W KOŚCIELE. Zachęcamy wszystkich, którzy nie używali kopert w tym roku, aby zgłosili w kancelarii chęć otrzymywania kopert na składkę.

LOTERIA. W styczniu będzie doroczna loteria fantowa. Prosimy już dzisiaj o donacje tak zwanych „gift cards” z większych sieci sklepowych, restauracji czy innych biznesów. Więcej danych w angielskiej części biuletynu.

BANK ŻYWNOŚCI ST. VINCENT DEPAUL przyjmuje produkty żywnościowe na świąteczne posiłki dla potrzebujących oraz niepsująca się żywność, bony upominkowe do sklepów spożywczych, mrożone indyki i szynki, prezenty dla dzieci, prezenty pieniężne na zakup żywności. Ta organizacja z wdzięcznością przyjmuje również delikatnie używaną odzież, rzeczy domowego użytku do swojego sklepu z artykułami używanymi. Dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy przekazują produkty żywnościowe i dary do sklepu St. Vincent dePaul.

NAGŁOŚNIENIE. Na prośbę parafian o poprawienie słyszalności z tyłu kościoła, firma Pascom Sound dokonała pomiarów i przedstawiała 2 propozycje nowoczesnego systemu. Rada Parafialna przedyskutuje obie opcje. Trzeba nadmienić, że obecny był założony 30 lat temu.

Cathedraticum is a specified sum of money paid annually to the Archdiocese. It is based on a percentage (11%) of our offertory collections. This money helps to support the running of the Archdiocese and is an obligation of all parishes within the Archdiocese. It is comparable to “income tax” and the figures will now be published in the bulletin so that you will know exactly how much of our weekly collection stays in the parish.

VOCATION REFLECTION: Are you being called to a vocation? Contact Fr. Michael Casey, Director of Vocations, Archdiocesan Pastoral Center at 1-860-761-7456, visit the web at www.hartfordpriest.com or send an e-mail to vocations@aohct.org.

provides us with the information that you are a member of the parish. This is important if you need a sponsor certificate to be a godparent for baptism or for a sponsor for Confirmation. We frequently get requests for sponsor papers, but we have no registration card on file or record of use of offertory envelopes and no payment of dues. Those things indicate that you are a member of the parish in good standing. Attendance at Mass is also a requirement that you are a practicing Catholic. Parents should keep this in mind when choosing godparents or sponsors for Confirmation.

We are mandated by the Diocese to inform you…
If you have knowledge or suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult (an adult with an intellectual disability) has been sexually abused, in any manner, by personnel of the Archdiocese of Hartford, you are urged to report this information to: Kathleen D. Nowosadko, Victim Assistance Coordinator at 1-860-541-6475 or kathleen.nowosadko@aohct.org. In addition, you will be asked to follow up in writing with a detailed description of the facts involved in the incident. Specifics of this written report can be found in the Policies and Procedures of the

Archdiocese of Hartford Relating to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Involving Minors and Vulnerable Adults. This document is available online at www.archdioceseofhartford.org. The Archdiocese of Hartford will report any and all incidents to the proper authorities.

Mandated reporters in the State of CT are required by law to report any incident of sexual abuse involving a minor or vulnerable adult. We encourage any Non-Mandated persons to report such incidents to the proper authorities as well. Your right to do so is supported.

Incidents involving sexual abuse of minors (under the age of 18) should be reported to: State Dept. of Children and Families Care-line at 1-800-842-2288.

Incidents involving sexual abuse of vulnerable adults aged 18-59 should be reported to the Connecticut Dept. of Developmental Services – AID DIVISION for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities at 1-844-878-8923.

Incidents involving sexual abuse of vulnerable adults aged 60 and over should be reported to the Department of Social Services for the Elderly at 1-888-385-4225. Once a written report of an incident of sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult has been received an investigation will be undertaken by, or on behalf of the Archdiocese of Hartford.

How to report an incident of sexual abuse to the Archdiocese
If you have knowledge or suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult (an adult with intellectual disability) has been sexually abused in any manner by personnel of the Archdiocese of Hartford, you are urged to report this information to Kathleen D. Nowosadko at 1-800-541-6475 (she is the Victim Assistance Coordinator). The Diocese will report any and all incidents to the proper civil authorities. You will also be asked to follow-up in writing with a detailed description of the facts involved. When that report is received an investigation will be undertaken by or on behalf of the Archdiocese.

(Weekend Sunday Massess get reserved quickly.) These are the dates & times available for next year. If you have a special date to request for a Mass it is best to do it as soon as possible.

January 1, 8:00 am
January 15, 5:30pm
January 22, 5:30pm
January 29, 5:30pm
February 5, 8:00 am and 5:30pm
February 12, 5:30pm
February 19, 5:30pm
February 26, 5:30pm
March 5, 5:30pm
April 30, 5:30pm
July 2, 5:30 pm
July 16, 5:30pm
July 23, 5:30pm
July 30, 8:00am and 5:30pm
August 6, 5:30pm
August 13, 5:30pm
August 27, 8:00am and 5:30pm
September 10, 10am and 5:30pm
September 17, 10am and 5:30pm
September 24, 8:00am
October 1, 8:00am and 5:30pm
October 8, 8:00am and 5:30pm
October 15, 8:00am and 10:00am
October 29, 5:30pm
November 25, 4:30 Vigil (the only 4:30 Mass available)
December 3, 10:00am
December 10, 8:00am
December 17, 8:00am


The 2022 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal,

Parish Goal: $20,000

Total Pledges: $21,518

Total Paid: $21,518

Total Gifts: 134

Average Gift: $161

Thank you for helping the parish reach its goal. A donation can still be made. All funds received are used strictly to support programs to aid the needy in the Diocese.

Donations can be sent directly to the Appeal Office at 467 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002. Please be sure to mention that you are a member of St. Michael’s Derby. You may also make a donation on-line at the Archdiocese website.